Speaker, Social Justice Warrior, Author and Coach

"Vanisha is a powerful and charismatic speaker. She shares wisdom gained from overcoming adversity in a way that invites audiences to see possibility in their own lives."

— Dixie Baum

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Speaker & Social Justice Warrior

"Vanisha Breault is a warrior who battled her demons and came out even stronger on the other side!

Vanisha is a powerful speaker who evokes a full range of emotions and gives you an incredible perspective on the battle against addiction.

Warning! Listening to Vanisha share her story will make you laugh, cry and be truly amazed at the power of the human spirit!"

— Sue Deyell (Newstalk 770 Calgary)

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Living her life and her recovery out loud is what Vanisha Breault is devoted to doing. On the cusp of that decision, her then 14 year-old daughter Eden, began her descent into the heinous and undiscriminating grasp of drug addiction. As a mother, the emotional horror, desperation and powerlessness was all consuming. There were countless attempts to get Eden help. Using every resource and tool available that she could muster, Vanisha repeatedly encountered a system ill-equipped to support the disease of addiction, leaving her precious daughter homeless, destitute and heavily dependent upon fentanyl and heroin.


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Awards, Boards & Accomplishments

Nadine Stirling Memorial Award

Wild Rose Award

Primary Care Opioid Response Initiative Board

CCSA Youth and Family Advisory Board

Contributing Author, I AM a Brilliant Women

70.3 Ironman 2x Completion

Women Build Ambassador Habitat for Humanity

Global National Every day Hero

"Vanisha Breault gave a fire filled inspirational talk at Women Talk in Calgary about her journey through her own alcoholism and her daughter’s addiction. Sharing her message with your audience would be of service to so many of us that are secretly dealing with issues that could be overcome much easier with openness and community."

— Tammy Plunkett (Co-Director for Calgary Women Talk)

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