Public Interest Campaign
Illiteracy in Canada

Illiteracy poster seen in a metal frame against a concrete background.

Defined as an inability to read or write in a given language, illiteracy is a widespread issue that will often go unnoticed by those who are not directly affected by it. In Canada, approximately 25% of grade three children are not reading at grade level. By tenth grade, 13.8% of students will not have the baseline reading skills to navigate our society.

Flat image of illiteracy poster.

This campaign was proposed in an effort to raise awareness about the issue and in hopes of bringing change. With it, came the challenge of figuring out a simple and impactful way of graphically representing illiteracy.

To communicate an inability to write, the word illiteracy was repeatedly spelled incorrectly across the poster. As a result, the viewer will have an experience similar to an inability to read. Additionally, an unusually characteristic typeface was used to further promote the experience.