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I am not afraid,
I was born to do this

- Joan of Arc -


Speaker and Social Justice Warrior

Her voice can be heard across the country as she speaks openly and courageously; living her life and her recovery out loud is what Vanisha Breault is devoted to doing. On the cusp of that decision, her then 14 year-old daughter Eden, began her descent into the heinous and undiscriminating grasp of drug addiction. As a mother, the emotional horror, desperation and powerlessness was all consuming. There were countless attempts to get Eden help. Using every resource and tool available that she could muster, Vanisha repeatedly encountered a system ill-equipped to support the disease of addiction, leaving her precious daughter homeless, destitute and heavily dependent upon fentanyl and heroin.

Through the power of this mother’s unyielding love, and her unwavering dedication to support her daughter through her journey of self-destruction and addiction, Eden found recovery. Terminating her own personal battle with the demons of addiction through recovery, Vanisha found her voice and chose to share her personal struggles and experiences. She has made it her life’s mission to declare war on the shame and stigma associated with addiction. In the hopes that other youth might find their way home and that every person grasped by the clutches of this disease may also find their voices and receive the support, acceptance and compassion that they legitimately deserve.

Vanisha Breault is the Founder of the Terminator Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Alberta, that is dedicated to revolutionizing the lives of youth and young adults affected by addiction, using the sport of Triathlon!

The Terminator Program utilizes education, awareness and compassion to make a difference in youth's lives including their families and communities. Through her non-judgmental approach, the lives of our youth struggling with mental health through addiction can find the positive engagement, challenge and growth in self-esteem they need to overcome the challenges that hold them back from recovery and limit their potential. She is revolutionizing addiction recovery through sports coaching and peer support, including team training, physical strength, endurance and triathlon participation. She brings the tenets of "IronMan" to go beyond one's limitations to help transform young lives!

- Dr.David Swann