Packaging Design
Montreal Public Markets

Image of three jars containing sage honey, chamomile tea, and a soy wax candle. Each jar has a label designed with illustrations based on the corresponding plant of each product.

The Montreal Public Markets are comprised of fifteen markets scattered across the city of Montreal. Their mission primarily consists of making fresh and local produce accessible for the average person living in the city.

If they were to sell seeds, what would the packaging look like? The objective of this project was to design seed packaging with a twist. Something new and interesting, while remaining eco-friendly and sustainable.

Seed packaging laid out in an overlapping manner across a black background. Each seed packet is designed with illustrations based on the corresponding plant of each seed.

It all comes down to the folding. A simple sheet of paper turns into an envelope. And the beauty lies in its ability to be completely deconstructed. The seeds are held together inside a simple packet to ensure none go flying while you open the envelope. And all the materials used can be recycled.

Close up shot of open seed packaging. Featuring the map displayed on the inside of the packaging along with text about a brief history of the market at which the seeds can be purchased.

The Expansion

Close up shot of the box that holds the three jars, previously seen. Features the abstracted plant illustrations developed for this packaging line.

A set of graphic and abstracted illustrations were developed for the seed packaging. Those, along with the visual identity of the seed packaging, can easily be adapted for product packaging.

Which brings us to the Countryside Dawn Kit. A scented candle, some loose tea, and a jar of fresh honey. The perfect way to start a cozy Sunday morning.

Image of open Countryside Dawn kit box with jars still inside.
Image of open chamomile tea jar laid on its side with the loose tea spilling out. Closed and upright jar of sage honey seen in the background.