Poster Design
Graphic Design Vernissage

Three momentum posters seen in metal frames against a grey background.

The graphic design vernissage is not only what marks the completion of the program, but for many, it marks their first steps into the working world. This year in particular was special, being the first to return to an in person setting, following the pandemic.

Flat image of momentum poster.

Momentum is a driving force gained by the development of a process or a course of events. In this case, the process of completing the Graphic Design program. The goal for this project was to represent this idea through print.

A bold and condensed typeface was used to create a sense of rapid movement. The informational text was laid on the opposing axis to match the angle of the italics. Lastly, the colours were carefully chosen to invoke excitement and create vibrancy.

Image of poster held up to a blue sky.